How To Remove Watermark On Kinemaster For Free | Full Tutorial

How To Remove Watermark On Kinemaster For Free | Full Tutorial

Hey, What’s up, guys?

In this article, I’m gonna teach you 3 ways to remove the watermark in kinemaster for free.

So with that being said let’s get right into the blog post.

So the 1st way is to use MUSERK.

All you have to do is go to audio, go to the store and from here go to muserk.

As you can see it says that you can remove the watermark for free if you use the music assets from muserk and share it to YouTube. You can select different music here.

Using just 1 music clip will work. As you can see I have already downloaded “This is the moment”.

Now let’s use it, just add it to your clip, like that, If you really don’t like the music and you just want to remove the watermark you can simply turn the volume down and turn up a little bit the audio you intend to hear, just like that.

Now, let’s export this. Okay, it’s done, let me show you something here, as you can see we still have the watermark because this save file is the one in our device you can remove it when you share this on your YouTube based on the agreement of Muserk.

Now, you can see that when we share the clip on YouTube it’s removing the watermark. Let’s see if it worked, there you go no more watermark.

If your videos are for personal use all you can do here is to re-download the clip from your YouTube. Next is to use the hacked version of Kinemaster from AC market.

This is the hacked paid subscription version of Kinemaster. Please use this at your own risk.

If you have the money please just support the app. in google playstore but for people that are tight on budget, this is how you do it. Just type in and click “download now”.

Install the apk. launch AC market and in here search for Kinemaster. Download the apk. Remember that you must uninstall the original version from google playstore for you to install this apk.

Let’s see what it looks like, and its the same to the version in playstore. You can see there is no watermark. Now if you’re not comfortable with AC market in your device you can uninstall it and delete the apk and the Kinemaster from there will still be working perfectly fine.

Now if your videos are for personal use and you don’t want to download the hacked version you can just crop the video. You can do this by installing YouCut from google playstore.

Now we’re at the app itself and we have here our clip all you have to do is click the clip and then click crop, over here. Basically, you can just do what I’m doing here and that’s it no watermark for you.

Now save the file. And that’s it. That’s all, for now, folks, thank you for Reading.

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